Training the Mind for Leadership: Know Your Mind, Transform Your Business

Are you a business leader, owner or entrepreneur?

If so, you likely realize that your most valuable asset in your business life is not your i-pad or cloud back-ups of all your documents. It is not even your team your extensive relationships, rolladex or list.  It is not your inventory or your bank account.  It is not your successful projects.

You most valuable asset is your mind – by far. Your mind has the ability to create and act on opportunities that can bring you great joy and sustain your business for a lifetime. 

Your mind also has the ability to fragment your experience, distract you, and cause immense suffering that you share with your team, others in the company, your customers and family. When the mind is fragmented, you are easily irritated.  Results are difficult to get.  Colleagues are hard to collaborate with. There is never enough time.These patterns can seem so random. It can feel like you are being pushed around by huge waves in an uncharted ocean. How is it possible to begin to train our minds to develop healthy patterns that sustain us in business and life? 

We will begin to seriously explore this question in a new group program starting in September called Training the Mind for Leadership – Know Your Mind, Transform Your Business. This dynamic 10 week program is open to 16 fortunate individuals. The program is highly experiential.

You will be asked to come with an opportunity you wish to explore, challenge to overcome, or a question about your business or work you wish to answer and take action on.

The program includes:

  • An individualized need and wish assessment.
  • Close study of five mind trainings as they apply to your wish or need: flourishing mind, relaxing mind, disciplining mind, concentration mind and timing mind each over a 2 week period.
  • Momentum Building Tool Kit with study, reading and practice materials as well as questions directly associated with this mind training will help you immediately begin to cultivate these qualities of mind over a 2 week period.
  • Four 90 minute recorded phone calls devoted exclusively to answering questions from the group.
  • Five one-on-one coaching sessions to help you apply this mind training directly to your business and integrate it into your daily work life.
  • A concluding two day integration retreat at Ratna Ling in Sonoma County, CA on Timing Mind on November 14 and 152013.


What are you doing now to actively train and develop your most precious business asset?  

Do you really want to continue to leave your mind in the hands of random fragmented emotional patterns that dominate too many of your actions?

This work has the potential to transform your business results.


Are you interested in knowing more?

Given the special nature of the program, it is by application only.

For more information, please email us at