Tibetan Meditation Program

Our meditation practices cultivate a deep abiding calmness that ‘massages’ you deep within. As you becomes till, your experience opens like a lens, letting in more“light”, creating comprehensive pictures of reality. Meditating means “integrating”, to bring together what is apart, to make what is incomplete, complete.

When we have meditative awareness we know how to touch each experience, and consequently we do not get pulled in and trapped by expectations, disappointments, or disillutionments.

– Tarthang Tulku

Level 1: Visualization

Cost: $79
Pre-requisites: Completion of eKum Nye Levels 1-3
Language(s): En

The Tibetan Buddhist teachings have developed the topic of visualization to perfection. The practice of visualization is perfect for our western style of living with its fast pace, busy-ness and high level of mental activity. It belongs to the topic of meditation and is an essential part of one’s spiritual training as it awakens, spirit, mind,heart, and energy. In this course we will only give an introduction into this extensive body of knowledge on meditation and visualization.

Topics include: Get the Picture, Liberating Thoughts, Choosing the Object of Visualization, Placing and Inviting, Holding the Images, Developing Feeling, Dispellor of Darkness, Center – Periphery, Surrendering Dedicating and Overcoming Obstacles.

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Level 2: Tibetan Meditation (Audio Program) | Buy Now

Cost: $31.96
Pre-requisites: None
Language(s): En

The secret formula that leads to higher meditation is to not identify, take a position, or hold onto anything within meditation. This “secret” Knowledge of meditation becomes a self-sustaining source of inspiration. Includes theory and practice from Tarthang Tulku´s books: Gesture of Balance, Openness Mind, and Hidden Mind of Freedom. 4 Audio CDs.

We are who we think we are, having become what we thought we were.

– Shakyamuni Buddha