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Skillful Means

Knowledge, freedom and responsibility are our most valuable assets, the essential ingredients for our growth and prosperity. With them our potential is unlimited.

– Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom

Skillful Means Study

The Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku has presented Skillful Means teachings in the West since 1969. Now, Dharma Publishing Academny, offers an online program of Tarthang Tulku’s Skillful Means teachings on how to release our human potential. Work is a perfect arena for exploring your potential. While you are working, the Skillful Means practices will elicit your hidden talents and the promise of the situation. This program may give a true sense of what it means to have a “good time” at work: joy, satisfaction, meaning, creativity and positive accomplishments.

Skillful Means is a body of knowledge that you can uniquely incorporate into your daily life. It is not a set of techniques to add to your arsenal of behavioral patterns, but a teaching on how to let wisdom inform your actions.

Gradually your inner world—the world of the mind, heart, energy and senses—is transformed. As you open up your inner world, the riches you find can better your own life and those of others.

eSkillful Means will consist of one email per week containing:

  • Skillful Means theory
  • Weekly Practice Assigments
  • Reading assignments

For more information or to enroll, please contact or call us toll-free at  1-800-873-4276

eSkillful Means Introduction.

e Skillful Means: Topics of Study

Required Readings: SM = Skillful Means, MSW = Mastering Successful Work
Languages: En = English, Sp = Spanish, Po = Port, Ge = German, Du = Dutch
Level Topic Course Description Price Pre-requisites Required Materials Language(s)
1 The Spirit of Life
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Topics include: Inner Freedom, Restoring Balance (Transforming Stress into Wellbeing), Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Sensory Awareness, Leadership, Perennial Truths, Core Beliefs and Self-Images, Time to Change, Transforming Emotions, Inner Knowing, Collaboration. $108 None SM En